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250gsm Hemp Card

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250gsm Hemp Card - A4 & SSRA3
Currently out of Stock

Our lovely Hemp card comes from Germany from a mill that has recently perfected a new technique for paper milling. It uses 50% less water than standard mills and also 50% less chemical pollutants making it the cleanest mass production paper mill in the world. The water is so clean, that the local brewery down stream uses the water in its beer production and then the mill uses its old hops and grains to make beer mats and thick card from that waste. Recycling and sustainability at its best !

The card is of a superior quality, it is a laid vellum and slightly creamy in colour. At 250gsm it creates real impact when used for business cards, invitations, paintings - well pretty much anything really. It can be used in any printer and takes Inkjet inks superbly. Made from 60% Hemp, 20% PostCW, 20% PreCW.

Due to the weight of this card, any order over 25 sheets that is despatched on its own, will incur a £1 postal surcharge. Please select this option from the drop down list. If it is not selected your order cannot be despatched.

 5  A4 sheets = £ 4.50 (out of stock)
10  A4 sheets = £ 8.10 (out of stock)
25  A4 sheets = £19.50 (out of stock)
50  A4 sheets = £37.00 (out of stock)
100 A4 sheets = £71.00 (out of stock)

1  SSRA3 sheet  = £1.95
5  SSRA3 sheets = £8.95
10 SSRA3 sheets = £16.95

Due to shortages on the stock of this product, please email your request to - we will then email you when it becomes available.
In the meantime, an alternative hemp paper is available through this link

Price : £4.50

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