Sustainable Fabric Suppliers UK

Sustainable Fabric Suppliers UK

In our 25+ year history we’ve been on a constant mission to promote hemp fabrics as the number one eco-friendly fabrics choice. In the list of sustainable fabrics hemp has arguably the greatest credentials, making it the absolute best choice for the planet. Above organic cotton, above bamboo (which really is not that eco-friendly when you start looking into it) and above other sustainable fibres and textiles, hemp leads the pack. We go into much more details about why hemp is the best choice when it comes to sustainable textiles in our dedicated “Why Hemp Fabrics?” page, so be sure to head over there and give it a read.

When it comes to sustainable fabric suppliers in the UK, we’ve been in the business for longer than anyone else. During that time we have seen hemp fabrics evolve and develop into something that can rival cotton for its softness and versatility. Replacing cotton as the primary source of fibre for clothing would have a huge positive impact on the environment. Cotton production accounts for 25% of all agricultural chemical use on the planet, it requires lots of water and land, while depleting the natural nutrients in the soil. Hemp is the exact opposite, requiring little water, less land to produce higher yields of fibre and absolutely no chemicals to grow abundantly.

If you’re looking for where to buy sustainable fabric, then our sustainable fabric shop website is the perfect choice for all of your fabric requirements. You will find everything from 100% hemp fabrics to blends with organic cotton, bamboo and silk. You can order sample swatches for only £1 so that you can get a real sense of how the fabrics feel, and we’re sure you’re going to be impressed by the quality! Our years of experience in dealing with these fabrics have taught us to appreciate high quality over anything else. The fabrics that you find at the hemp shop have all passed our stringent tests of quality, environmental and ethical standards. We’re all about saving the planet, while ensuring that all workers are treated fairly and compassionately at every step of the supply chain.

If you want to know where to source sustainable fabrics wholesale, we do offer a range of quantity discounts up to 28% off the listed prices when you purchase large amounts of fabric. If you’re looking at purchasing very large amounts of sustainable fabric wholesale UK (or anywhere in the world for that matter, international shipping and VAT-free pricing is available) over 500 metres, then you can always get in touch with our wholesale fabrics supplier at

If you’re asking yourself “what clothing materials are sustainable?” then you may want to read our blog on “What makes a t-shirt sustainable”. Our fabrics offer unparalleled sustainability credentials that other natural fibres like organic cotton and bamboo simply cannot even come close to. From sustainable denim fabric, to sustainable silk fabric, canvas, cloth, linen, hessian, jersey fabrics and everything in-between - you’ll find that our selection of sustainable fabric UK contains options for almost any project that you can dream up. So when you’re choosing sustainable fabric shops, remember that we are here for you!