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  1. Hemps Eyewear - Crosby style Sunglasses

    These amazing new Hemp Sunglasses are crafted with pure quality.

    The polarised lenses provide full UV400 protection covering 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Supplied from Polaroid and made from over 70% bio material, the lenses are high quality and one of the most eco-friendly available.


  2. Organic Hemp Cannaflage Bucket Hat - back Organic Hemp Cannaflage Bucket Hat - logo

    Organic Hemp Cannaflage Bucket Hat

    A wonderfully wearable classic hemp camo bucket hat - stylish and breathable. 

  3. The Hemp Solution dvd

    This is the updated and expanded version of THE HEMP REVOLUTION which was released as a 16mm film to 100 cities worldwide in 1995 and has continued to be a popular video.

  4. Emperor of Hemp: The Jack Herer Story DVD

    This DVD is a great insight into the long and sometimes controversial history of Hemp. With fascinating information on its health benefits and the marijuana prohibition this is a great watch for anyone interested in this amazing plant.

  5. Hemp Canvas Travel Hammock - Forest Green, Deep Orange - Ocean Blue Deep Orange, Emerald Green, Rapsberry, Aqua Blue, Light Grey, Burlesque Purple

    Hempiness Canvas Travel Hammock

    Ever needed a bed on the go? Well this travel hammock will have you sorted in a jiffy.
    All of the paterned hammocks are bespoke & hand-dyed, resulting in a completely unique pattern on those hammocks.

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5 Item(s)