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  1. Organic Hemp Denim Bucket Hat

    A wonderfully wearable classic hemp denim bucket hat - stylish and breathable. 

  2. Hemps Eyewear - Crosby style Sunglasses

    These amazing new Hemp Sunglasses are crafted with pure quality.

    The polarised lenses provide full UV400 protection covering 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Supplied from Polaroid and made from over 70% bio material, the lenses are high quality and one of the most eco-friendly available.


  3. The Hemp Solution dvd

    This is the updated and expanded version of THE HEMP REVOLUTION which was released as a 16mm film to 100 cities worldwide in 1995 and has continued to be a popular video.

  4. Emperor of Hemp: The Jack Herer Story DVD

    This DVD is a great insight into the long and sometimes controversial history of Hemp. With fascinating information on its health benefits and the marijuana prohibition this is a great watch for anyone interested in this amazing plant.

  5. Hemp CD - Fields of Green with Hemp plastic tray

    Breathe and relax to with the sounds of the Didge, float along the waves of the harp, be caressed by gentle guitar and let your heart open with angelic voices for your journey with us into the depths of a higher consciousness. Made on a hemp plastic CD tray and using a hemp paper insert.

  6. Hemp Canvas Travel Hammock

    Ever needed a bed on the go? Well this travel hammock will have you sorted in a jiffy.

  7. Hemp Hammock

    What better way to relax in the natural surroundings of your garden this year? Our hammock is made from 100% organic Hemp canvas, 100% Hemp ropes and supports, wooden cross bars and a tough metal hoop.

    Starting at: £79.95

  8. Organic Hemp Travel Frisbee

    Fold Up, Go & Throw.

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8 Item(s)