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  1. Mens Organic Hemp Grooming Kit Mens Organic Hemp Grooming Kit

    Mens Organic Hemp Grooming Kit

    The hemp shop presents the essential collection of grooming products for the Eco-conscious man! All products include hemp oils or seeds that are great for the skin's condition and complexion. A great choice for a Gift Set.

  2. Organic Hemp Bath Box Organic Hemp Bath Box

    Organic Hemp Bath Box

    A perfect gift pack for anyone who appreciates the natural and nourishing things in life.  

  3. Essential Organic Skin Care Kit Essential Organic Skin Care Kit

    Essential Organic Skin Care Kit

    Looking for something to really give your skin a nourishing boost?  These fabulous products, full of hemp's amazing protective and restorative properties, will work wonders on all skin.

  4. Hemp Soap Gift Box Hemp Soap Gift Box

    Hemp Soap Gift Box

    A fantastic selection of our natural hemp soaps - includes handmade, scrub and gentle soaps that will leave your hands and body clean and soft!  A perfect gift. 

  5. Dr Bronner's Baby Soap Box Dr Bronner's Baby Soap Box

    Dr Bronner's Baby Soap Box

    Looking for a soft and gentle soap for a little one?  The Dr Bronner's Baby Mild soaps have no added fragrance and only natural oils, making it great for sensitive skin.  Dr. Bronner's Soap is made with certified fair trade ingredients and organic hemp oil for a soft, smooth lather that won't dry out the skin.

  6. Dr. Bronners Organic Gift Pack

    Dr. Bronners really do know how to make the most soothing and nourishing soaps and lotions.  This gift pack has them all!

  7. Dr. Bronners Lotion & Soap Gift Pack

    Do you ever feel that you need that little extra wake up call in the morning or just something to bring that tingly zing to your shower? Well have we got something special for you, not just the product but the price! Dr Bronners is as organic as bodycare gets; not just made from organic ingredients but the bottles are made from recycled plastic and are themselves recyclable.

  8. Dr Bronners Sample Collection

    One of our favourite products at The Hemp Shop as it is as pure as the driven snow! As gentle to your skin as it is to the planet.

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8 Item(s)