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Sustainable Fashion and Us - What's Our Mission?

Our mission as always, is to aid the proliferation of the hemp plant! We want to see more people using hemp in their daily lives for the benefit of everyone and the planet we call home. We're all about the environment here. That's why we make sure that all of our clothing and fashion items are as planet-friendly as possible. Our mens, womens and kids clothing is vegan friendly, organic and always uses our favourite fibre, hemp! If you're looking for sustanible hemp fashion then you've come to the right place. From everyday essentials to luxury outerwear, we have a fantastic range of guilt-free clothing options to make you look good and feel great!

Why Choose Hemp Clothing?

Hemp's qualities really are amazing. Did you know that when it is used in fabric it helps wick away moisture from the skin? It's also thermo dynamic, meaning that it helps keep you warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm. Plus it is antibacterial, so helps to keep you fresh all day. As well as being soft and very strong it's perfect for those people with allergy issues or sensitive skin. For style and practicality with an environmental conscience (hemp grows well without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides), hemp clothing really is the way to go.

Care of Hemp Clothes

To ensure your clothes remain in the best possible condition, always turn them inside out and check the care label before washing. For best results, wash at 40 degrees with a medium spin to retain some dampness. Do not hot tumble dry.

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  1. Hemp Jeans UK Mens Hemp Jeans

    Mens Organic Hemp Denim Jeans

    These straight cut classic 5-pocket 55% hemp 45% Organic Cotton jeans are your perfect year-round companion. They are hardwearing, temperature-regulating, and offer a high moisture absorption - so comfort is guaranteed in the winter as well as during midsummer.

  2. 'Let's Go' Space Shuttle Hemp T-Shirt

    A stylish, breathable Hemp & Organic Cotton fitted T with LET'S GO slogan and space shuttle print.

  3. Rasta Lion Hemp T-shirt

    A stylish, breathable Hemp & Organic Cotton fitted T with striking Rasta Lion print.

  4. Men's Eco Friendly Hemp Denim Jean Jacket

    Straight fit denim jacket made with responsibly sourced hemp and organic cotton so it’s both durable and soft to the touch. Hoodlamb denim is made to last because they inject 54% hemp, the most sustainable fabric on the planet. Only hemp denim can be both stronger and softer.  Cool, comfortable and good for the planet, this might be the last denim jacket you’ll ever buy.

  5. Women's Eco Friendly Hemp Denim Jean Jacket

    Our sustainable denim jacket is a great example of a classic, ethical fashion staple.

  6. Longsleeve Round Neck Lightweight Hemp T-Shirt

    This round neck long-sleeve t-shirt is perfect for all seasons! Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. This hemp/cotton blend is designed to give you the benefits of both fibres. Enjoy the soft and gentle feel of cotton, with the durable and eco-friendly benefits of hemp.

  7. Hempiness Organic Womens T-Shirt

    This really is the ultimate womens hemp t-shirt. The fabric, 55% Hemp 45% organic cotton mid weight jersey is wonderfully soft and a fantastic weight, for a stylish short sleeved t-shirt that combines softness and strength.

  8. Sustainable Paneled Pencil Skirt

    Talk about timeless! This vintage eco friendly pencil skirt is a serious investment piece

  9. Hempiness Organic Hemp Drawstring Pants

    These lightweight sustainable trousers are a classic design yet they exude a super stylish and modern cool.

  10. Denim Pencil Indigo Skirt

    Classic cut midi pencil skirt updated in an eco-friendly and sustainable denim fabric.

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Items 1 to 10 of 98 total

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