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Gender Neutral Sustainable Clothing

We are expanding our range of eco-friendly fashion and clothing here at The Hemp Shop. While we recognise that as consumers we are used to having a plethora of ever changing trend focused clothing at our fingertips, produced for pennies, we are also aware that the demand for high quality, sustainable clothing is eclipsing the fast fashion culture we have seen in the last ten years.

The Hemp Shop are proud to offer one of the largest selections of affordable ethical clothing in Europe. Without compromising on quality, style, feel or look we are able to offer you a full range of sustainable unisex clothing which you will get years if not decades of wear out of.

Hemp is the world's most sustainable fibre. It can make foods, medicines, fabrics, papers and fashions. It is a regenerative plant meaning it heals the soil as it grows.

Unisex Basics

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  1. Helpful Hardy Hemp and Cotton Socks

    These happy hemp and organic cotton lightweight socks keep your toes comfy and cosy, while making great strides towards a more sustainable future with their planet friendly fabric mix. Perfect for that smarter look.

  2. Hempiness Organic Lightweight Hemp T-Shirt

    An alternative to our thicker more heavyweight T-shirt, these excellent 'Thinnies' can be worn on their own, or under another top easily and discreetly while still giving you all the benefits of Hemp's outstanding properties.  Now with new colours and an extra size!

  3. Hempiness Organic Hemp & Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Made from a wonderfully soft Hemp and cotton mid weight jersey (250g) fabric, this essential long sleeve t shirt combines softness and strength, without compromising style or build quality. Hemp fabric is naturally thermo-dynamic, meaning it keeps you warm when you're cold and cool when you're hot - it wicks away moisture from the skin quickly and its anti-bacterial qualities keeps you fresh all day. It has a fantastic drape and hangs beautifully.

  4. Hempiness Organic Active Socks

    These great socks are still going strong after three years of testing - once again proving hemp's legendary durability. Combining the incredible strength and softness of Hemp with a blend of organic cotton, nylon and elastane, these comfy, supersoft socks are ideal for everyday use.


  5. Eco Friendly Hemp Jean Jacket

    A truly sustainable version of the timeless classic jean jacket. This GOTS approved 100% hemp denim like fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable.

  6. Hempiness Organic Hemp Drawstring Pants

    These lightweight sustainable trousers are a classic design yet they exude a super stylish and modern cool.

  7. Casual Organic Hemp & Cotton Sweater

    This comfortable, sustainable unisex pullover is made from recycled hemp and organic cotton. Soft to wear, eco friendly - it has a cool 70s style to it.

  8. Classic Long Sleeve Hemp Cotton Shirt

    This is a classic, tailored sustainable shirt looks equally stylish on women and men.

  9. Hempiness Organic Scoop Neck Top

    Made from a wonderfully soft Hemp and cotton light/mid weight jersey fabric(210g), this stylish shirt combines softness & strength, without compromising style or build quality.

  10. Hempiness Organic Mens T-Shirt

    This really is the ultimate Hemp t-shirt. The fabric, 55% Hemp 45% organic cotton mid weight jersey is wonderfully soft and a fantastic weight, for a stylish short sleeved t-shirt that combines softness and strength.

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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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