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For soft and subtle trousers look no further and with Hemp's legendary strength too!

Trousers & Jeans

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  1. Hempiness Organic Hemp Yoga Trousers

    These are just the best yoga trousers, having been specially designed in conjunction with a top UK yoga magazine for flexibility and to allow for ease of movement. Plus they are 100% organic and super soft having been dyed using ecologically safe, heavy metal-free, eco sensitive dyeing.

  2. Hempiness Organic D-Ring Belt

    A classic style webbing belt with double loop buckle clasp.

    All of us here at THS love these belts - especially the fact that they are exactly size adjustable. No need for holes here, ideal if you have over indulged a bit! This belt is a design classic standing the test of time. It's made from a quality & sturdy Hemp organic webbing, 3cms wide and each belt has a double ring buckle stamped with the words - ECO HEMP. Quite right.

  3. Hemp Denim Jeans

    A great pair of smart dress Jeans and are the best Hemp jeans we've had for some time.

  4. Organic Hemp Webbing Buckle Belt

    A classic style made from a quality and sturdy Hemp webbing which is 3cms wide, featuring a metal fastener with eye holes covering the first 3rd of the belts length.

  5. Hoodlamb Hemp Belt

    Another couple of stylish numbers from the folks at Hoodlamb. These belts have the iconic snowflake logo on the buckle and the material is Organic Hemp twill.

  6. Organic Hemp & Cotton Chino Trousers

    These loose cut chinos are crafted from beautifully soft and smooth hemp and organic cotton. 

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6 Item(s)