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Satin Hemp Silk

Workable and versatile, excellent to dye, tactile and responsive - Hemp fabrics provide the natural alternative for any application.

Hemp is only one of 6 genus of plants that enrich the soil  -  Softer, stronger & longer lasting. Hemp improves with age
Recyclable & made to last, it is the oldest known fabric ever to be found
Hemp fabrics have a beautiful drape that is pure luxury  -  Hemp fibre is the strongest natural plant fibre in the world
Hemp fabrics are thermo-dynamic - meaning they are the best fabrics to keeing they are the best fabrics to keep you cool when it’s hot &  hot when it’s cool
Hemp fabrics have all the style usability and beauty of linen, but without the care difficulties - it simply creases much less
Hemp fabrics are the best in the world at blocking out UV rays - Eco sustainability from a plant that looks after the planet.

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  1. Mid Hemp Canvas - 100% Organic Hemp - Pre-Dyed

    This mid Hemp Canvas fabric is an excellent fabric for clothing, furnishings, curtains, upholstery and luggage. The fabric colours are distressed.

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    Starting at: £23.50

  2. Heavy Hemp Canvas - 100% Organic Hemp - 14.7oz

    A wonderfully solid weighty hemp canvas that is great for use as a furnishings and upholstery fabric. If you're looking for the ultimate in tough, durable fabric, this is the one. Still as soft as hemp's legendary fibre always is, with a wonderful hang & drape, this ticks all the right boxes.

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  3. Mid Hemp Denim Twill - Organic 55%H 45%C - 10.5oz

    Temporary maximum order amount: 5 metres. More stock available mid-September.

    This really is a versatile hemp fabric and can be used for making jeans or any trousers that need that integral strength. Also works fantastically as an upholstery fabric - why not try it for cushion covers!


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  4. Pure Denim Twill - 100% Organic Hemp - 12oz

    What do you need to say about this hemp fabric other than this is what the original jeans were made of all those years ago. A truly lovely fabric that works fantastically for tough, but super soft clothing and also as a magical upholstery fabric. Beautifully light creamy colour.


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  5. Satin Hemp Silk - 55%H 45%S - 4.8oz

    A luxurious silken hemp fabric, that is a true delight! This Charmeuse Satin has a wonderful satin sheen on one side and a matt on the other. The strength of Hemp combined with the beauty and softness of Silk means this fabric is probably the first silk fabric that can be used in upholstery and still hold its shape as well as making stunning clothes.

  6. Dylon Eco Reactive Low Impact Dye - Pod Packs

    Do we have just the item you are looking for, but in the wrong colour. You might have something which needs a colour revamp? Or what about dyeing one of our fabrics your favourite colour? Well these dyes are specifically made for home use and are made with a greater degree of safety and consideration for the environment.  Choose your colour from the drop-down list below to see an enhanced description including complimentary colours.

    Fibre Reactive Dyeing is 95% more environmentally friendly than standard dying techniques - more details below.

    Some of these colours have recently changed their names. We are keeping the old names for the moment, but see below for Dylon's new names:

    French Lavender is now Dusty Violet     :  China Blue is now Vintage Blue
    Burlesque Red is now Plum Red              :  Powder Pink is now Peony Pink
    Goldfish Orange is now Fresh Orange    :  Pebble Beige is now Sandy Beige
    Dark Brown is now Espresso Brown      :  Velvet Black is now Intense Black
    Pewter Grey is now Smoke Grey            :  Dark Green is now Forest Green

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6 Item(s)