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Hemp in the Home - perfect for your natural world - living in harmony with Nature


Hemp Tablecloth and Napkins.
Hemp Tablecloth and Napkins

Currently the majority of clothes and design fabrics are made from cotton. The major global fibre crop, it is also the most environmentally harmful, using 25% of the world's agro-chemicals, that's 25% of the herbicides, pesticides & fertilisers used by farming - worldwide! The mass introduction of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides has helped keep the price of cotton and other fibre and oilseed crops low. However, as pests have become more resistant to these chemicals, larger quantities are required, poisoning both land and water. Hemp, by comparison, needs little or no insecticides, no herbicides, produces a better quality fibre when grown organically while creating three times as much fibre, making it more environmentally friendly.

Recent breakthroughs in fabric technology have improved the quality of Hemp cloth dramatically. What was once a rough, unyielding fabric is now super soft and versatile. Thermo-dynamic, superior wicking, up to 5 times stronger than cotton, like for like - a truly Super-Fibre. Hemp fabrics have the look and feel of linen, without the care problems. Why not order our fabric swatch book and get a good look at the fabrics before ordering.

To read about the 'Ethical & Environmental standards for our Chinese fabrics' click here

1. Minimum labour standards Working hours: 8 hours per day. From 8am to 11am then 1pm to 6pm. Wage: In comparison to the average standard wages in the province according to Chinese government's figures, the wages paid at the mill are between 52% & 104% higher. No use of child labour or forced labour. No discrimination or harassment. We have assurances according to the Chinese labour law.And the mill also organises sporting activities for the workers.

2. Adding value, fair trade and sustainable livelihoods The mill emphasis is on the environmental protection and energy saving for hemp production; also looking for new methods to save time and lessen the waste. The mill is the pioneer in this industry, both a leader of hemp fabrics in China & the world as well.

3. Environmental standards. Almost all of our Chinese fabrics are organic, with the Hemp sourced from China and the cotton from Turkey. The mill we work with is the leader in the hemp field, they also work as a research institute for hemp, and they follow the environment protection law of China for production. Almost every fabric we sell from the Chinese mills is GOTS & OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved. For our European fabrics, the Hemp comes from Hungary and is farmed organically but due to the current cost for testing each and every field (most of the fibre comes from farming collectives) it is too expensive for the farmers to pay for the actual certification.

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  1. Natural Hemp Napkins

    Add a touch of Hemp class to your dining table with these gorgeous hemp napkins.  Choose from our wide range of colours.   Do you want a matching set, or perhaps one of each colour!


  2. Organic Hemp Placemats

    Don’t let your surfaces get stained and dirty! These attractive placemats are a great environmentally friendly addition to your dining table.  Sold in pairs. 

  3. Hemp Silk Organic Lavender Heart Pillows

    Show someone you care with this beautiful, soothing lavender smelling pillow. Perfect to cuddle up to on a cosy night in.

  4. Organic Hemp Silk Lavender Pillows

    Made from our lovely Organic Hemp Satin Silk with a removable insert bag, made from GOTS approved Organic Hemp Summer cloth, filled with fragrant Organic Lavender.

  5. Organic Hemp Ribbon 10m

    Ideal ribbon for wrapping those Eco-presents for all your friends! This product was a fantastic seller in the shop.

  6. Hemp & Wool knitting yarn


    For you knitters out there, look no further. This wonderfully soft hemp yarn contains hemp fibre for added strength and durability. Made from 55% Hemp and 45% wool it come in 185 metre balls weighing 113g. You will need a 'double knit' gauge, no.4 size British needle of 20st/4in (10cm). You can get away with a 4.5-5 (US7) if you would like a looser tension. Priced per individual ball.

  7. Dylon Eco Reactive Dye Packs (new colours)

    Do we have just the item you are looking for, but in the wrong colour, or do you have something which needs a colour revamp? What about dyeing one of our fabrics your favourite colour? Well these dyes are specifically made for home use and are made with a greater degree of safety and consideration for the environment.  Choose your colour from the drop-down list below to see an enhanced description including complimentary colours.

    Fibre Reactive Dyeing is 95% more environmentally friendly than standard dying techniques.

    Some of these colours have recently changed their names. We are keeping the old names for the moment, but see below for Dylon's new names:
    China Blue is now Vintage Blue
    Burlesque Red is now Plum Red
    Powder Pink is now Peony Pink
    Goldfish Orange is now Fresh Orange
    Pebble Beige is now Sandy Beige
    Chocolate Brown is now Espresso Brown.

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7 Item(s)