Fine Hemp Silk - 60%H / 40%S - 2.6oz

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A beautiful light weight Hemp Silk blend which is perfect for dresses, wraps and all those items requiring a delicate touch. Off-white in colour with only minimal eco-sensitive oxygen bleaching.

Product Specification

Material60% Organic Hemp, 40% Silk
ColourCreamy White
Yarn Spec20/22D x 37Nm (warp x weft)
Textile FinishingPFD
Surface and Feelmatte, sheer, translucent
Featuresanti-bacterial, UV resistant, breathable, pre-washed
Country of OriginChina
Yarn OriginChina
CareHand wash cool or Dry Clean
UsesEvening wear, Bridal wear, Sleepwear, Tops, Bed linen

Despite its delicate appearance, this is still a very durable material. Made from 60% hemp 40% silk, this sustainable fabric is sheer with a slight shine and is identical on both sides.

This fine lightweight hemp and silk fabric has a characterful texture, complete with some natural slubs. It's got a good body, with a slight stiffness that still remains after washing. It's comfortable and durable, so you know you'll enjoy using it for years to come. A great choice of eco fabric for everything from pillowcases to evening wear.

Being 60% hemp, which has great absorbency properties, this fabric takes dye very well. Try dyeing it at home with one of our Eco Reactive Dyes and suddenly a whole world of colour possibilities is open to you!

A few things to consider when buying our fabrics...


Please note, natural fabrics will shrink when washed anywhere from 5%-12% depending upon the weave and composition. Always pre-wash first to desired temperature.

All natural fabrics will shrink unless they have been hammered by high temperature washes, treatments and finishes - all of that contributes to a larger footprint on our planet - at the hemp shop we never do that.

Priced by the metre

Priced per full metre length plus offers on 10m, 25m, 50m & 100m. For orders of 50m and above, please contact us for stock/delivery times.

Always order a swatch first

We always recommend checking with a new swatch before ordering, as the minimal treatment and organic cultivation methods may result in subtle changes in the hemp fibres from batch to batch. So the fabric you bought last year might be subtly different to the fabric you buy today.

Check for faults, imperfections or marks

Please check the fabric for any faults, imperfections or marks as soon as it arrives, as we are unable to accept returns of washed or cut fabric. Due to the minimal sustainable methods used during the production of the yarns, our fabrics are never intensively bleached, and as such they retain all of their natural character. Slubs and slight discolourations in hemp fabrics are not flaws, they are part and parcel of working with such pure and natural fibres.

Cut fabrics are non-refundable

Please note, that once sent, all cut fabrics are non-refundable so please order a swatch if uncertain.

Hemp fabric is...

Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable

Hemp is a natural plant fibre. It is 100% biodegradable and does not harm the environment in any way!


It keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot.

Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergen

Hemp naturally fights off bacteria and fungi such as mold, keeping your fabric smelling fresh. It's also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for anyone with allergies to other natural fibres.

Breathable and insulating

Hemp’s hollow shafts mean it is breathable, and also insulating.

UV resistant

Hemp is the worlds only naturally UV resistant fabric, perfect for keeping the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your skin.


Hemp is an extremely durable, hard wearing fabric. 5x the tensile strength of cotton and 3x more durable. It also gets softer with age.


Hemp is a highly absorbent fabric, meaning it retains the colour and quality when dyed, much more than cotton or linen.

Strong structure

Hemp doesn’t lose shape easily and having an elastic fibre, results in less creasing when compared to some other natural fibres.

More buying options...

Got more questions about fabrics? Try our FAQ section here

More Information
Fabric TypeSilk Blend
Fabric CompositionHemp/Silk Blend
Suggested UsesEvening Wear, Bridal Wear, Bedsheet, Duvet Cover, Pillowcase, Cushion Covers, Home Furnishing, Upholstery
Classifications100% Natural, Breathable, Eco World, Oxygen bleached, UV Safe
Applicable Dangerous Goods RegulationsNot Applicable
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Fabric : 60% Hemp / 40% Silk
Yarn Spec: 20/22D x 37Nm (warp x weft)
Density : 124 x 62 (end/pick per sq inch)
Weight : 2.60 (oz/sq yd)
Width : 57 inches (1.45m)
Colour : Natural mid - eco bleach