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Hemp Plastic Digital Pocket Scales - My Weigh 500-ZH

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A blend of natural hemp fibers fused into a Eco-Plastic compound

The 500-ZH has a large 500gram capacity; reads in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces and Pennyweight in precise 0.1gram increments.

The scale offers digital auto calibration, temperature compensation and a unique cover that doubles as a large expansion tray/cup. Power is supplied by 2 long lasting AAA batteries (included).

This quality My Weigh digital scale is backed by a full Lifetime/30 year international warranty.

Available Accuracy 0.1g sticker       Available Capacity 500g sticker


These patented eco-friendly Hemp BioPlastic 500-ZH digital mini pocket scales, a world first is an eco plastic the world needs. This scale is made from a new eco-friendly hemp composite.; invented in Germany several years ago. My Weigh is the one of the first companies to bring a retail product to market.

The plastic is cold-injected in a new method, and that forms the housing for the 500-ZH.

Hemp plastic although not new, can be a revolutionary product. It's getting used in ever more applications due to its' environmental-friendly, strong and low-weight properties. Everyday you can reduce your crude oil plastic usage and help make the world a greener place.

Hemp Plastic Scales Specifications

Packed weight: 110g

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