Hempiness Organic Heavyweight All-Purpose Hemp Twine - 70m ball

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This heavyweight organic twine is perfect for using in your home or garden. It is made with 100% hemp and has a wonderful natural texture. It's biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it a perfect choice for use as a heavyweight gardening twine.

Completely natural, unbleached and untreated hemp twine. This is such a lovely natural product, the thickness of this twine varies throughout the length with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 3.7mm. The twine would be great for gardening or using around the home. It makes a lovely addition to any organic craft projects, and would make a charming packaging tie to finish off any natural and eco-friendly gift.

if you're looking for a compostable twine or string then this could be the answer to your prayers! Since this is a 100% natural twine, and therefore completely biodegradable, it's absolutely fine to put in your compost bin.

Hemp fibres are the longest and strongest in the natural world, making this twine extremely strong and durable. It's a fantastic eco-friendly twine or string to have around the home.

Weight per ball: 320g
Length per ball: 70m

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Packed weight: 320g

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