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Hempiness Organic Hemp Strapping 3inch/7.5cm

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Webbing, strapping and edging are sold by the metre. A quantity of 1 is equal to 1 metre. These are cut to order, and wherever possible we will always cut your item to the full length ordered. For example, if you order 5 metres, it will come in one 5 metre piece.

Hempiness have brought us this alternative to their organic Hemp Webbing. This organic Hemp Strapping has a slightly looser weave than the Hemp Webbing making it more flexible and supple - we think it looks a bit like seat-belt straps.

A 100% pure organic hemp product. This Hemp Strapping (and the Webbing) are the strongest, most durable hemp materials in the range. This natural hemp strapping material has a looser weave compared to the webbing, making it softer and more flexible. We think that it would be great for making organic belts, braces and suspenders, for using as bag straps/handles and reinforcement. It’s also a great choice for home craft projects, upholstery and furniture making.

Hemp strapping benefits from a high tensile strength and durability thanks to the fact that hemp fibres are the longest and strongest in the natural world. The long and strong fibres are spun into yarn which is then woven tightly to create the strapping. This gives hemp strapping a high breaking strain, making it perfect for tasks that require good strength and durability. For example, for making the supports on a sofa underneath the cushions where people will be sitting, or for making bag straps for large rucksacks that may contain heavy loads.

You will find that lots of modern strapping is often made from synthetics such as polypropylene, nylon and polyester which have a huge carbon footprint, and also release plastic microfibres into the environment causing untold damage to ecosystems. This organic strapping is a great natural alternative, as hemp is completely biodegradable and does not harm the environment in any way. By choosing hemp over synthetic materials, or even other natural fibres such as cotton, jute or flax, you’re helping the environment more than if you choose other materials. This is down to the fact that hemp is such a fantastically environmentally friendly plant. It absorbs more CO2 than any other crop, it actively improves soil quality, it requires absolutely no chemicals to grow while it requires far less land and water than other natural fibres such as cotton.

Hemp strapping has a lovely soft feel to it compared to some other strapping materials, and it only gets softer with time. Through washing and wearing, hemp strapping feels even more luxurious the longer it is used. It takes dye very well thanks to the high absorbency of the hemp fibres, meaning that you can achieve really fantastic bright and vibrant colours when you use fibre reactive dyes.

If you’re looking for a strong and reliable strapping with good flexibility, a lovely soft feel which doesn’t come at the cost of harming the environment, then try this hemp strapping today!

Suggested Uses

- Shoulder bags, backpacks, handbags or holdalls. Reinforce key areas, adding strength, also great for comfy bag straps.
- Upholstery / Furnishing / Furniture Making
- Chair/Sofa Making
- Belts / Harnesses
- Load Carrying Vests

- Reinvigorate and upcycle your old garden furniture by replacing worn out straps.
- Edging Material.
- Tie Downs
- Creating load carrying equipment such as a utility belt or utility vest.
- Making slings, loops or ties.
- Arts and Crafts

The Eco Friendly Choice

Our hemp strapping is a fantastic environmentally friendly alternative to nylon, polypropylene or polyester synthetic strapping. Before synthetic materials, hemp was the natural fibre of choice when you need a strong, durable and hard-wearing textile. The long fibres of the hemp plant have 5x the tensile strength of cotton, and when weaved into strapping they are even stronger. Hemp strapping is biodegradable, whereas synthetic plastic based strapping sheds microscopic pieces of plastic into the environment, which work their way into the soil and waterways, entering the food chain, thus polluting the environment and harming the health of living creatures (including us!). Hemp is the planet-friendly, non-polluting alternative to synthetic strapping.

From the moment each hemp plant is put into the ground, they begin benefiting the planet. Hemp is nature's greatest carbon sink, absorbing more CO2 in its short 3-4month growing season than any other plant. Hemp plants also clean the soil, and improve soil quality. They help to prevent soil erosion, and soil compaction, while pulling out toxins from the earth. They are a nitrogen enricher, meaning that they return more nutrients to the soil than they take from it. hemp requires 4x less water than cotton, and produces 2x the yield per acre. Finally, hemp plants require absolutely no chemicals during growing, harvesting and processing into textiles. Compare this to the cotton industry, which uses 25% off all agricultural chemicals on the planet, and you can see why hemp is the greatest eco-friendly choice when it comes to natural fibres!

Product Specifications: See specifications tab

Breaking Strain: The manufacturer does not provide the breaking strain information for these products. We are confident to say that both the webbing and the strapping are incredibly strong, being made from the strongest natural fibre (hemp), but we cannot guarantee them to a specific breaking strain.

Material: 100% pure organic hemp fibre.

Packed Weight (1m): 92g

A few things to consider when buying our textiles...

Priced by the metre

Priced per full metre length plus offers on 25m, 100m, 250m and 500m. For orders of 250m and above, please contact us for stock/delivery times.

Always order a swatch first

We always recommend checking with a new swatch before ordering, as the minimal treatment and organic cultivation methods may result in subtle changes in the hemp fibres from batch to batch. So the textiles you bought last year might be subtly different to the ones you buy today.

Check for faults, imperfections or marks

Please check the textiles for any faults, imperfections or marks as soon as it arrives, as we are unable to accept returns of washed or cut webbing, strapping and edging.

Cut textiles are non-refundable

Please note, that once sent, all webbing, strapping and edging products are non-refundable so please order a swatch if uncertain.

Hemp textiles are...

Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable

Hemp is a natural plant fibre. It is 100% biodegradable and does not harm the environment in any way!


It keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot.

Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergen

Hemp naturally fights off bacteria and fungi such as mold, keeping your textiles smelling fresh. It's also hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for anyone with allergies to other natural fibres.

Breathable and insulating

Hemp’s hollow shafts mean it is breathable, and also insulating.

UV resistant

Hemp is the worlds only naturally UV resistant fabric, perfect for keeping the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your skin.


Hemp is an extremely durable, hard wearing material. 5x the tensile strength of cotton and 3x more durable. It also gets softer with age.


Hemp is a highly absorbent material, meaning it retains the colour and quality when dyed, much more than cotton or linen.

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More Information
Fabric Composition100% Hemp
Classifications100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Vegan, Eco World
Applicable Dangerous Goods RegulationsNot Applicable
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Material: 100% Hemp
Width: 3inch (7.5cm)
Thickness: 3mm (approx)
Colour: Natural - mid eco bleach
Yarn Spec: 18Nm x 18Nm
Weight (per metre): 92g

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