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Organic Hempseed Protein Powder-500g

  • Organic Hempseed Protein Powder-500g
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  • Organic Hempseed Protein Powder-250g
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Hempiness Organic Premium Hemp Protein Powder

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Quick Overview

The largest range of sizes and best priced Premium ORGANIC Hemp Protein Powder in the UK and Europe! Don't settle for less than the best. We've been selling Hemp Protein Powder longer than all the rest and know a thing or two about the true quality needed. All the way from the plentiful fields of Canada where the finest Hemp foods are grown, under strict organic methods, from the greatest hemp seed variety, with the highest nutritional profile, on the planet !

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Product Name Price
Hempiness Organic Premium Hemp Protein Powder 250g Tub

Regular Price: $8.61

Special Price $6.02

Hempiness Organic Premium Hemp Protein Powder 500g Tub

Regular Price: $14.35

Special Price $10.04

Hempiness Organic Premium Hemp Protein Powder 1kg Pouch

Regular Price: $24.32

Special Price $17.03

Hempiness Organic Premium Hemp Protein Powder 2.5kg Pouch

Regular Price: $57.38

Special Price $40.29


NOW WITH THE HEMP SHOP'S PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE (see bottom of page for details)*
A true superfood made from 100% cold pressed pure ground Hempseed, packed with the most essential super nutrients in a more concentrated state than any other Hemp food product. This Organic Hemp Protein Powder, as the name suggests, is very high in protein, 50%, yet totally natural, vegan and being RAW it contains all of the nutrients you can get; per serving, Hemp contains more protein than meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. It is the most easily digested and absorbed protein for your body and contains all ten essential amino acids making it the best source for protein on the planet! Plus it's free from gluten, dairy and lactose, sugar, GMO, Hexane, pesticides and herbicides, additives and preservatives. It's also made from Raw ingredients which have not been heated above 42°C to ensure the health-giving nutrients and enzymes stay alive and well thus making it super healthy.

This product is packed in a oxygen free environment to maintain maximum freshness. Produced in Canada and is considered the finest quality Hemp Protein Powder available in the world, with the mill recently awarded the highest quality control possible worldwide. Only the best quality at the hemp shop, no Chinese seed here!

Great for smoothies and protein shakes or to have with yoghurt or granola or use as a flour substitute for baking by adding to pies, cakes, muffins and breads at a 25% Hemp to 75% flour ratio (this is especially useful for those following the low carbohydrate lifestyle). Packed with omega fatty acids, protein, essential amino acids, dietary fibre and iron it is superb as a supplement for vegans and vegetarians and also great for sports practitioners. Unlike soy or dairy protein powders it won’t leave you bloated it’s perfect for a vegan, vegetarian, or even a carnivore plus it's certified Kosher too.

A four tablespoon serving (32g) provides 130 calories of energy, 16gms of highly digestible, high quality protein, 6gms of dietary fibre and more than 25% of the RDA for Vitamins B, iron, copper, folate, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc - it's power packed!

Available in the following sizes: 250g , 500g , 1kg and 2.5kg. 

All our tubs are made using safe BPA Free plastic; not only very handy but please re-use them, they can be re-tasked for many different things. All our pouches are made with recyclable craft paper outers and foil lined - as always, sustainability at its best.

Appearance: Light Green powder

Nutritional information per 100g
(% recommended daily intake): See image

*If you can find another Premium quality (that means no Chinese or Eastern European seed), Organic Hemp Protein Powder at a lower price The Hemp Shop will match that price.

Packed weight: 313g, 606g, 1.036kg, 2.564kg

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Classifications 100% Organic, 100% Vegan, Eco World, Essential Fatty Acids, Gluten-free

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