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  1. Hempiness Organic Twine, Braid and Rope Samples Card

    A sheet of A4 card with a short length of all our available twines, braids, ropes and strapping along with their relevant details.

  2. Organic Hemp Coloured Beading Twine

    Hemp beading twine(2mm) made from certified Organic European Hemp, so you can be sure of purity and environmental sustainability.

  3. Hemp Polished Beading Twine

    Into Macramé? Love making your own jewellery? Fascinated by knots? Then this is the twine for you!

    Starting at: £1.25

  4. Hempiness Organic Gardening Twine

    High strength, bio-degradable, un-waxed, coarse, 100% hemp gardening twine.

  5. Hempiness Organic Twine #1 - Lightweight - 0.8mm - per 100m ball

    Pure Organic Hemp twine 0.8mm thick - 100m long ball 

    Size 1 of 4: this is our thinnest twine.

  6. Hempiness Organic Twine #2 - Light/Medium weight - 1.4mm - per 100m ball

    Pure Organic Hemp twine 1.4mm thick - 100m long ball

    Size 2 of 4:

  7. Hempiness Organic Twine #3 - Medium/heavy weight - 1.6mm - per 120m ball

    Pure Organic Hemp twine - 120mtrs of 1.6mm

    Size #3 of 4

  8. Hempiness Organic Twine #4 - Heavyweight - 2.2mm - per 60m ball

    Pure Organic Hemp twine - 60mtrs of 2.2mm

    Size #4 of 4: our thickest twine

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8 Item(s)