Sustainable Affiliates Program
Recommend Products. Earn Commission.

The Hemp Shop - Affiliate Marketing Program

We want you to spread the word about hemp and just how great it is for the planet! Join our affiliate program and earn a commission on every sale that you send our way. It's easy, just follow these steps to get started:

1. Sign up

Join our team of valued affiliates, and start earning. Just create a customer account and navigate to your account after you log in. Then please accept the Terms & Conditions on the Affiliate Settings tab to participate in the affiliate programs. You will then find all of your affiliates information in the menus within your account page.

2. Recommend

Share our products with your audience. With such a great range of eco-friendly and sustainable products to choose from, there's plenty to keep your audience interested.

3. Earn

Earn 10% commission on orders placed through one of your affiliate links. The more they spend, the more you earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate program work?

Share links to your website, and encourage people to buy our products. You earn 10% commission on the value of the customer's first order placed through your link (commission calculated on order total after discount, before shipping, before taxes). You also earn 5% commission on any subsequent orders from the same customer.

Who is eligible for the affiliate program?

The great news is, anyone can be an affiliate! As long as you abide by our terms and conditions as laid out in our affiliate agreement, we're happy to have you on board and promoting hemp!

How much can I make from affiliate marketing?

There's no cap on commission. You'll earn 10% on a customer's first order, and 5% on any subsequent orders within a 90 day window. After 90 days any further orders will not be associated with your affiliate account, unless the customer uses your link again.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

Just create a customer account, log in, navigate to your account and then select the "Affiliate Settings" tab. Enter your details, accept the terms and conditions (be sure to read them carefully) and hit "Save". It's that easy! Refresh the page and you will see your affiliate options on the left hand side.

What is a tracking link?

When you become an affiliate, you are assigned a unique affiliate ID. This ID helps us to track which sales you sent our way, so that you can receive the correct commission for your efforts. In order to earn commission on sales, you must use your tracking link which includes your affiliate ID. It will look something like this:


How do I generate a tracking link?

After you've signed up to become an affiliate, navigate to your account and select "Promo Data" from the menu. In this section you will see a field titled "Refferal Link". Copy and paste any URL from our website into that field, for example "https://www.thehempshop.co.uk" and you will see your tracking link generated beneath the field, then you can just hit the "Copy" button and your tracking link will be copied to your clipboard so that you can go ahead and start earning commission with it

Do you provide any banners/advertising materials?

Yes we provide banners of various sizes that you can use to advertise our website. You can find them by navigating to your affiliate account page, and then selecting "Promo Data" from the menu.

When can I make a withdrawal?

Our minimum payout amount is £5. When you have generated at least £5 in commission, you are welcome to withdraw the amount. Just navigate to your affiliate account, select "My Withdrawals" from the menu, and request your withdrawal amount. Once we receive your request, we will process it within 10 working days. We hold commission payments for 60 days to allow time for customer returns/refunds. Commission is not paid on refunded orders.

Where can I read the full terms and conditions?

Read the full terms and conditions for our affiliate programme here.