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Why Hemp is Good for the Environment

Why Hemp?


Hemp can be made into thousands of products, from cosmetics to paints, fabrics to foods, with the advantage of being biodegradable & recyclable. Henry Ford's hemp car withstood 5 times the impact of its metal counter-part. It can be transformed into cement, tiles, paints, insulation, musical instruments, (with excellent sound qualities), toys and most significantly - fuel.

" Kevin McCloud says ‘Hemp homes are the warmest, driest, cheapest & most eco-sustainable form of home construction.’
" Hemp could feasibly replace fossil fuels and power the globe.
" Hemp building materials are being praised for its sound & heat insulating ability

" Hemp is the world’s most sustainable plant.
" Hemp can grow ecologically almost anywhere on the planet.
" Hemp is only of 6 genus of plants that enrich the soil they are grown in.
" If Hemp had not been banned early in the 20th century, we would not be in the environmental chaos we now find ourselves in.
" Growing Hemp can benefit many wildlife species due to minimal fertiliser & pesticide use in production.

The landfill sites around the world are testament to the growing need to find a biodegradable & recyclable alternative. Hemp, sustainable & beneficial to our environment and ourselves fills all of the categories.
Hemp could help feed our global expanding population while enhancing the environment we live in.

If this makes sense to you, then it's time to think WHY NOT HEMP ?