Hemp Product Classifications

On our website you will find a range of icons to help you classify products at a glance and make an instant and informed choice regarding the qualities of that product (and whether it is compatible with your particular lifestyle choice). Here we explain these icons in more detail.


100% Organic

- this is an organic product. 

We're all learning the importance of eating organic & leading more organic lifestyles. Hemp doesn't require the use of herbicides or pesticides, and grows better organically anyway. So buying hemp means you're looking after your body & always supporting the growth of organic farming, organic processing - and our environment.

Cotton growth is responsible for anything up to 50% of global agricultural chemical use. Herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers - you name it, cotton is destroying natural habitats, ruining our rivers and seas, even poisoning ourselves. 

Hemp doesn't require herbicides or pesticides to grow, uses a fifth of the water that cotton needs and provides a softer, stronger and more durable fabric. Enough said.

Gluten Free


- this product is gluten free and safe for Coeliacs.

Indigestion, low energy, allergic reaction, depression; all these can be attributed to the over use of high gluten ingredients in our foods. Hemp is naturally gluten free, and can be used to make highly nutritious alternatives to common foods, like pasta, bread and milk. As adaptable as the soya bean, but without the environmental drawbacks. 

With people being more conscious than ever before of what they consume and its effect on their health, hemp provides a healthy alternative to many standard food ingredients. Those ingredients, like gluten, can prove detrimental to our health.

SPELT - some of our food range uses Spelt grain. Spelt is derived from an ancient wheat grain that has not been ruined by excessive over-breeding. It has a very low gluten content and research indicates that some people with gluten intolerances or allergies can tolerate spelt.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs are now considered to be amongst the Holy trinity of food stuffs essential for human health, namely Vitamins, Minerals and EFAs. 

Not all fats are bad for you, in fact there are fats that can heal and fats that kill. The dangerous fats are the Trans Fatty Acids - most often recognised on food labels as saturated fats. 

Hempseed has the highest amount of EFAs in the plant kingdom and in a format that is the most easily digestible for in the human body. EFAs are responsible for healthy skin, hair and nails - providing the very building blocks in the body. 

Hemp is not only super tasty but a real SUPER FOOD.


100% Natural

 - this is a natural product.

Compare the quality, comfort, safety, taste, appearance, and - most importantly - environmental impact of any natural product when compared to its synthetic counterpart. 

With hemps' incredible versatility, there's always a natural alternative. When a food product from us states it is natural, it means that what you are getting is a 100% natural product, made without any synthetic ingredients at all. 

When other non-food products from our range state they are natural, this means it has made using as many naturally occurring components and the very minimum (less than 5%) of synthetic components (normally metal buttons or reactive dye). 

The production of synthetic plastics, fabrics, fuels and even foods, is taking its toll on our health and our environment. When there is always a natural alternative like this available, why choose anything else? For your sake as well as the planet's.


100% Vegan

- this is a Vegan product.

That means that at no time during the growth, production or manufacture of this item were animal products used. For those of you who want to let all the animal inhabitants of this fine world of ours get on with and live a peaceful life. 

As the Vegan Society says "Promoting ways of living free from animal products for the benefit of people, animals and the environment." Says it all.

Colourfast Dye


When we say colourfast, we mean colourfast. Many naturally made products and many other companies' hemp garments lose their dye very quickly and sometimes it even bleeds onto your other clothes. Not so with garments from The Hemp Shop. 

We take special care to bring you quality hemp garments that will keep their dye longer than most cotton products.

Reactive Eco Friendly Dye

Reactive Dye

- this garment is reactive dyed. 

There are three systems of dyeing. Totally synthetic, naturally and Reactive. Reactive uses 90% less chemicals than fully synthetic dyeing. 

Synthetic dyeing is one of the most polluting technologies in clothing manufacture. AZO's, the fixing agent used in most commercial synthetic dyeing, makes up 95% of the chemicals used in the industry. Reactive dyeing, on the other hand, is designed to fix the dye at a set temperature. This negates the use of AZO's - looking after the environment at the same time.

Oxygen Bleached

Oxygen Bleached

- this garment is Oxygen bleached. 

We always strive to use natural equivalents for all our processes. Oxygen bleaches are a very benign alternative to the normal and excessively polluting industrial bleaches preferred by 99% of the fashion world. 

Oxygen bleach still gives us the whiter shades the fashion world demands but without using harmful chemicals in the process. 

With Hemp paper you can do away with bleaching completely. Wood pulp paper requires vast amounts of bleach and is a major culprit in the destruction of eco-systems.

Pre Shrunk Hemp Fabric


Unlike the hemp clothes of yesteryear, all our ranges are 100% pre-shrunk. That means when you wash them at the recommended temperature on the wash label (usually 40 degrees) they will reduce no more than the industry standard of less than 5% shrinkage.

UV Safe

UV Safe

Hemp fabric - the oldest known fabric on the planet - is also the best at protecting you from those damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Hemp provides an effective barrier against UV rays and being the softest natural fibre means your skin is really looked after. 

Why buy expensive synthetic so-called UV-ray blocking clothing when you can have your cake and eat it with hemp fabrics and clothes.



Completely natural ingredients have been used in this garment to give it its amazing colour, yet again showing that there's a natural alternative to every one of man's environmentally damaging inventions! And with hemp's incredible absorbency, this colour is sure to last!

Breathable Fabric


Hemp fibres make excellent thermo-dynamic and wicking fabrics. Gobbledegook- what does all that mean? 

Thermo-dynamic means that in a similar way to linen, hemp fabrics keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot - they keep you at your naturally comfortable temperature. It does this by 'breathing'. That's where wicking comes in. 

Hemp fibres are porous so allow the heat to be trapped when it is needed and released when not. This method also makes it possible for the moisture coming off the body to be easily released (or 'wicked') out from the body and through and out of the fabric. 

Hemp fabric is perfect for any time of year. It always allows the skin to breathe, without ever compromising its incredible warmth, perfect for keeping snug in cold weather. And it draws moisture away from the skin, great for hot weather or sport! It also has its own anti-bacterial, deodorising properties. There's nothing better to wear, whatever the weather.

Eco Friendly

Eco World

Eco-balanced : we are striving to provide the convenience and comfort the modern consumer demands, whilst staying in balance with our environment and being eco-sustainable. With hemp's infinite list of applications, we are succeeding! So keep buying hemp, keep loving your self, and keep loving your world!