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Dylon Dye Colour Chart

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  • Dylon Dye Colour Chart

Dylon Eco Reactive Low Impact Dye - Pod Packs

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Quick Overview

Do we have just the item you are looking for, but in the wrong colour. You might have something which needs a colour revamp? Or what about dyeing one of our fabrics your favourite colour? Well these dyes are specifically made for home use and are made with a greater degree of safety and consideration for the environment.  Choose your colour from the drop-down list below to see an enhanced description including complimentary colours.

Fibre Reactive Dyeing is 95% more environmentally friendly than standard dying techniques - more details below.

Some of these colours have recently changed their names. We are keeping the old names for the moment, but see below for Dylon's new names:

French Lavender is now Dusty Violet     :  China Blue is now Vintage Blue
Burlesque Red is now Plum Red              :  Powder Pink is now Peony Pink
Goldfish Orange is now Fresh Orange    :  Pebble Beige is now Sandy Beige
Dark Brown is now Espresso Brown      :  Velvet Black is now Intense Black
Pewter Grey is now Smoke Grey            :  Dark Green is now Forest Green

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We stock all the colours - all the time
Hemp fibres take dye extremely well. Due to Hemp's absorbant fibre, the dye penetrates deep into the fibre which therefore gives a long lasting and rich colour.

These dyes are simply bursting with a whole spectrum of colourful possibilities , so if you feel like a change, you can wake up your wardrobe, revive a faded top or brighten some cushion covers with colour and ease, you have all the colours of the rainbow to choose from.
To choose from our range of roughly 30 beautiful colours, click on each pack to find out more.

Free from heavy metals and AZO's (nasty compounds found in most dyes) these are known as Fibre Reactive Dyes and are eco-friendly; low-impact dyes such as those classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as low-impact and garments using Fibre Reactive dye are approved.  Our boss, personally spoke to a Director at Dylon some 20 odd years ago. At that time he was told that the Machine Washable Dyes were AZO free. He even said that if a Goldfish could survive being tumbled in a washing machine, the water with the dye in was so clean that they would be able to live through a cycle.

These dyes are suitable for use in a standard automatic front loading washing machine and come with comprehensive instructions, will not damage your washing machine at all and are very easy to use. In general one box will dye roughly 600g of fabric to the full colour and 1200g of fabric to a slightly faded version.

Dylon dyes are vegan. They're not tested on animals, and do not contain any animal derivatives.


For further information on the eco credentials of the dyeing process follow this link.

Please note that all dyes are non returnable.

Packed Weight: 390g

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Classifications Colourfast, Eco World, Reactive Dye

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  1. Excellent product - excellent service review by Maz on 01/08/2020

    I bought this for my wife who had an expensive cotton top that she loved to wear, but she didn't like the colour!
    This product was so easy to use, worked perfectly and she now has an expensive top she loves completely. Excellent value!
    Can't fault the service from The Hemp Shop either, who posted the product to France at a very reasonable cost. Thank you.

  2. Dye description and use of plastic review by Gillian on 07/07/2020


    Yes the dye worked well, but I would also like ask a similar question to your first reviewer. Is this an eco-reactive dye, fibre-reactive dye or just the normal Dylon dye? If it's one or both of the first two, then why isn't this written on the dye's label?

    Also, I was rather disturbed by ending up with such a large plastic drum to dispose of, having already had to throw away the outer plastic covering. I realise that the drum is recyclable, but is it possible to produce a container that is ultimately biodegradable?

    The Hemp Shop says:
    Hi Gillian,
    Great that the dye worked well for you.
    So most of your questions would need to be directed to the manfuacturer, but what we can answer is that yes - it is a low impact, fibre reactive dye - a quick web search will show this and also help with any further info you would need on this eco sensitive method of dyeing.

  3. Really great dye but maybe mis described review by Jasmine on 04/05/2020

    I love this dye and it worked amazingly and have absolutely zero faults there, however I bought from this shop because I thought, by the way that the product is titled and described here, that this was a more environmentally friendly alternative to the normal Dylon dyes. However, when it arrived, I realised it was just the All - In - One Machine Dye by Dylan. Not a special "Eco Reactive Dye" that I could only find on this shop (haha). Love the product just think it was mis described. Not to worry, but thought this review would let others know!

    The Hemp Shop says:
    Hi Jasmine - great to hear that you loved the way this Fibre Reactive dye worked so amazingly - that's one of the top reasons we love it too.
    Our main and first reason is that it is a Fibre Reactive dye. That is a method of dyeing that it so environemtally sound that organic fabric and clothes dyed this way, can be approved by all certifiers. Brilliant!

  4. Great product! review by Anna on 25/04/2020

    Got this too revive an old bath mat.
    Worked well and now it looks like new!
    Very easy to use the dye in the washing machine . Recommended!

  5. Eco Reactive Dye With Hemp and Bamboo Fabric review by Emily on 02/02/2020

    I purchased the Rosewood Red Eco Reactive Dye and was so impressed with how well it worked.
    I used it on both the Hemp Linen and the Hemp and Bamboo Jersey and even though the linen was a lot browner than I expected, the dye completely changed that and both fabrics took so well to the red colour.
    The dye was really easy to use plus both of the fabrics I ordered were beautiful too and worked really well with the dye!

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